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What is live resin?

Live resin is one of the popular cannabis concentrates on the market. It is a favourite for most vapers thanks to its unmatched potency, which provides a flavorful vapor. Besides, it has a unique extraction compared to other concentrates. 

The extraction process involves adding a solvent to frozen cannabis plants. One then uses high pressure to extract the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is a dark yellow, amber, or brown liquid. It comes out as a sticky and thick liquid, almost resembling honey. 

The chief reason why live resin is more potent is freezing the cannabis plant. Other extract do not use frozen plants, hence lose terpene and cannabinoid. As such, live resin has become a favorite among vapers and dabbers. 

Unlike other concentrates, live resin does not go under drying and curation. Instead, the flower is collected and immediately frozen. This allows it to preserve the compounds that make it more potent.  live resin disposable

How do you smoke live risen?

As you’d expect, the best way to smoke live resin in this age is through a vape pen. This can be a disposable or a normal pen. Conventional means of consuming live risen was through dabbing. The manual process requires the dabber to do the dirty work of heating the rig so that the resin can produce the vapor. 

You can also sprinkle it on top of joints and bowls. However, this method can be harmful to novice dabbers since live risen is stronger compared to other concentrates. As such, you should use a live disposable vape pen. 

Why is live resin flavorful?

Generally, a recently harvested plant has strong flavor, scent, and cannabinoid content. Most growers will trim the flowers after harvest to curate them. In the process, the plant loses some of its flavors, scent, and cannabinoid compounds.

However, with live resin, the process does not include drying and curating. Rather, it is flash frozen as it is. This allows the plant to preserve its chemical composition, resulting to bolder flavor thanks to the present terpenes compound. krt carts

Difference between live risen and other concentrates 

Is Live risen better shatter 

Shatter is a concentrate, which has a brittle consistency. One uses a solvent to extract its components and then spread on a drying tray. Once the material is dry and brittle, it is broken into small pieces, hence the name shatter.

Live resin vs live rosin

Live rosin does not use a solvent during extraction. It is for this reason the media and the CBD industries champion it since it is the most natural way to consume CBD concentrates. 

Unlike live resin, the flower is dried and curated. Later, it is put under extreme heat and pressure to squeeze out a sap-like substance, namely rosin. 

Live resin vs cured live resin 

While live resin does not undergo the curing process, cured live risen is first cured then flash frozen. Generally, curating and drying the cannabinoids changes the chemical composition of the plant, hence affecting its potency. diamond shruumz chocolate

Growers will curate and dry the plant to extract the cannabinoids compounds and the flash freeze to preserve the plant. However, this is not a common practice. 

Live resin vs distillate 

Another concentrate one can use is distillate. As the name suggests, growers use the distillate method to exact specific compounds. Distillate concentrate have only one compound are used to produce specific products. They are common in vape juices and tincture.  live resin disposable

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