buddha bear carts. At a quick glance, Buddah Bear carts seem to bear some of the hallmarks of legit products. Beneath the logo, the packages feature California’s standard THC label. And warn that the products is “for medical use only.” In the fine print, the packages claim that the products is “lab tested” and are infused with “high quality cannabis distillate.”

A more thorough look at the packaging raises some red flags, though, and quite a few buyers are wondering whether or not these products are legit. And upon closer inspection, it definitely looks like they aren’t.

In general, weight limits are designed to ensure the safety of both the people and property involved. Buddah bear carts for sale. For example, airlines have strict weight limits for both check and carry-on baggage. In order to prevent items from becoming loose and causing injuries during flight. Similarly, vehicles and lifts have weight limits to protect against overloading and damaging the equipment. buddha bear carts

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