micro bar

Micro bars are made with both novice and experienced vapers in mind. It’s as easy as opening the packaging and getting started with vaping; there is no learning curve. Because it is so simple—no settings or buttons—it is a preferred option for people switching from regular cigarettes.

This vape bar has quite a simple and understated design. They have a matte plastic body, with the mouthpiece in the same colour and fully integrated into the pen.

The sides of the disposable are slightly rounded, making it comfortable to grip in the palm of your hand. While not the slimmest, the mouthpiece is contoured well and enables you to get a nice MTL draw.

            Micro bar disposable

The device contains a 400mAh battery and 2ml of 2% nicotine salt liquid. This is because they are primarily aimed at TPD areas. However, is it worth noting that in the user manual, it says 3ml, so there may be larger capacity devices released later. diamond shruumz

Each disposable cart comes in a particular color to denote the flavouring inside. They are not vibrant, glossy colors that try and entice you in like other disposable brands. Instead, they are reserved and simple.

Each bar features the ‘micro bar’ logo and a large ‘Micro Bar’ logo on the front. A flavor is then printed vertically on the back with a QR code on the bottom line. The QR code takes you to the official MYLÉ website, which is a good thing. But I think they could look better with less pressure.

The base of the casting is slightly curved and has two small holes on each side. These have a very slim profile and stand next to another brand like the microbar vape. There is a small white LED light behind the left drop/hole. This is lit when you vape and burns when the vapor is off. micro bar
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